Decomposing Numbers with Addition (Castillo)

This lesson focuses on K.OA.3: Decomposing numbers less than or equal to 10 into pairs in more than one way. Students engage in a game and collaborative problem-solving activities during which they represent different decompositions of numbers less than 10 by using manipulatives, drawings, and equations. This lesson contains strong examples of Core Actions 2 and 3.

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Inscribed Angles Error Analysis (Licata)

The content focus is on inscribed and circumscribed angles. This lesson uses an Error Analysis Technique to reteach concepts students did not master on a unit test. The teacher makes use of groups and differentiated problems to help her students move forward.

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Engaging Kindergartners with Academic Vocabulary (Barnum)

In this lesson, Kindergartners engage very meaningfully with the academic vocabulary in the text Charlie McButton Loses Power.  Through multiple readings, the teacher has students listen, talk about, act out, and participate in a shared writing experience about a difficult section of the text.  Students are actively listening and engaged in the lesson's goals.  

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Lessons include annotations by Student Achievement Partners indicating the “Core Actions” set forth in the Common Core Instructional Practice Guides.